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My name is Stephen Witkowski. I go by the artist name Saint Stephen. I have been composing in the digital space for several years and have Pro Tools certifications as well as music production and sound design credentials from Berklee.

First and foremost I am an artist and pride myself on bringing visions to life. I’m a versatile composer that can bring the right cinematic and emotional touches to works that help make them memorable. There is a reason people have a fondness for the Nobuo Uematsus, Koji Kondos, Jesper Kyds, and Follin Brothers of the world. In the realm of audio/visual storytelling, unforgettable music and sound reinforces memory.

Check out my works here as well as my portfolio below!


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The Berklee Files - Technical Showcase

Fmod, Unity, Wwise, custom SFX, adaptive music, and more!

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The Berklee Files - Soundtrack/Music Showcase

Custom Synths, FM, granular, trance, ambient, orchestral, and more!

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Voiceover Reel - Sonic! Wolverine! The Owl House!

If you can have fun with sound, you can have fun in the vocal booth!


EMAIL witkowski stephen gmail com
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